like-hearted friends impacting communities


living a life of purpose

We’re a bunch of like-hearted friends who passionately loves our country and its people. We believe that we’ve been called to live a life of purpose right here in good ole Cape Town, as we daily go about our suburban lives. No big shakes or bangs, we’re simply trying to be intentional about living a not-so-ordinary life in small but significant ways. We want to make a difference where we are and with what we have – and inspire others (you, for instance!) to do the same!

4hope is a registered NPO

We’re a group of 6 core members: Anya Havenga, George Carstens, Zirk & Charné Kay, Carel & Inge Wandrag. Somewhere along the road the lot of us got uncomfortable enough about our cosy comfort zones to actually get our acts together and get going. So in 2013 we simply opened a joint banking account and started pooling our resources and ideas. Ever since we’ve been meeting on a monthly basis to talk strategy and hold one another accountable to make something meaningful happen.

our heartbeat

Besides our shared passion for purposeful living we all have different areas of interests, yet we share the same heart and vision: To transform communities hands-on by restoring human dignity. We do this by building relational bridges; strengthening family-structures; investing in entrepreneurial & skills-training support, leadership development and mentoring and discipleship training. We like to tackle projects that are born out of relationship. Working with and helping people whom we regard as friends keeps our hearts invested in the right place and gives us staying-power in the long run. Also, we’re firm believers in the power of partnership and absolutely love hooking up with people who are already doing cool stuff to change their world!


A follower of Jesus who recently left the corporate world for the adventure of full time children’s ministry.
Loves: Teaching children the Bible and learning from them at the same time. Good coffee and brownies while catching up with special friends. The smell of freshly cut grass and getting a free workout while gardening away.


A businessman who develops the potential of people, teams and business processes. Passion to build bridges between 1st and 3rd worlds.
Loves: Helping people discover their calling. Getting the blood flowing and heart beating while chasing after a ball. Sitting around a fire, hearing and sharing stories. Mountains and waterfalls. Putting the occasional pen to paper.


A family man who manages his architectural practice from home. Greatest desire in life is to live a life of significance and attempt to follow the upside-down example of Jesus.
Loves: To mobilize the privileged by generating opportunities to uplift the underprivileged.
Traveling, books and creating something in the kitchen.


A full time mom to the world’s most gorgeous boys.
Loves: Cooking a meal to enjoy with good friends. Having my house full of Lego and Play-Doh. Praying daily to embrace (rather than run away from) the Lord's gentle push out of my warm and cosy comfort zone to a life of significance.


Working in the financial sector four days a week. Passionate about restoring human dignity and building bridges across cultural barriers and eager to see more people getting serious about restitution in our country.
Loves: My wife and daughter. Guiding people to moments of clear understanding. Dark chocolate.


A word lover who (for now) retired from the exhilarating, exhausting world of media to enjoy being a first-time-mom.
Loves: Listening to people’s stories as part of God’s bigger redemptive story. Anything on a dessert menu. The “SA-passports Only”-line at the airport.

lovin' our mission

what we're up to

Since we're a bunch of friends with different passions and pursuits, we've got our fingers happily stuck in a whole lot of different pies. We pool our resources – money, time, ideas, skills – so we can support one another in doing whatever's on our heart. Phone-a-friend backup just makes it all so much easier!
Some projects we've pioneered, but we also love to partner with people whom we consider our hands and feet in communities beyond our direct reach:

the big 5

A circle of five remarkable Cape Town-community leaders and discipleship-makers, each deeply committed to transforming their corner of society - often against fierce odds. Their areas of involvement range from mentoring youth in gang-ridden areas through sports training, to tackling fatherlesness and ministering to prisoners. We help these guys where we can – and learn yonks from them in return!

cause for justice

A small team of smart, brave-hearted legal brains, based in Stellenbosch. This non-profit focuses on making just laws a reality in South Africa. Pornography, euthanasia and freedom of religion in schools are some of the issues they've taken on in court – and we gladly help pay some of the bills to help them do so.

iproject and victorious living journey

Since 2014, we recruited and trained a group of 20+ university students each year to put together iProject, a 7-week leadership programme for 60+ high school pupils. We have also added adventure camps to our list of programmes. The goal is to develop teenagers that live with purpose and strive to make a positive impact. Our programme has gained interest abroad. Internationally we are known as the Victorious Living Journey South Africa Team. 

ganging up on gangsterism

We're part of a network of leaders actively strategizing to tackle the root causes of gangsterism. Ordinary blokes from the 'burbs (like us) are joining fearless ex-gang leaders from the Flats in finding ways to busting this problem that's wounding so many communities. A challenge right outside of our comfort zone, but right on our doorstep...

soccer academy

Royal Priesthood Academy
A holistic soccer academy situated in Khayelitsha, founded by Dumisani Madondile, one of our Big 5 members. The academy hosts 5 soccer teams and has a unique mission: to raise future leaders and fathers. A dedicated team of coaches offers tutoring, Bible studies and character-based leadership training - on top of developing bright young soccer talent. 4Hope partners with Dumi's team of coaches in strengthening their potential to impact young lives on and off the field. 

likehearted khayelitsha-friends

Yakhanani (“we are building together”) has actually been the very first group to replicate and run with the 4Hope-vision. These Khayelitsha heroes have dedicated quite a few of their weekends to hosting their own Compassion Days. From building a wheelchair-ramp at a friend's house, to pioneering a soup kitchen and sewing classes for the elderly, these guys are serious about using what they've got to serve their community. An honour to call them friends!

other adventures
past and present

• Reaching out to refugees: We journey with Marko and Maxie Pretorius, a young architect-couple, called to work among Middle Eastern refugees. Big on strategic discipleship and urban church planting, their current focus is on Hamburg, Germany, where they've been called to train international teams in supporting the European church to respond to the global refugee crisis.
• Giving admin-support to staff of The Journey, a World Needs a Father-initiative aimed at strengthening the bond between fathers and sons and guiding the next generation into healthy manhood. (
• Upgrading of Sinoyolo Educare, a creche in Kahyelitsha. We've also sponsored a feeding scheme, stationery supplies and school fees. We host an annual end-of-the-year party for these kids.
• Renovating and enlarging Prisca's house in Philippi to serve children-in-need.
• Pioneering ZIC, Zwelitsha Internet Cafe, in Khayelitsha and training their staff in financial & computer literacy.
• Building a new four bedroom house for Zuki and her family in Bloekombos.
• Introducing Genius Project (a numeracy literacy-programme for gr6 & gr7-learners, aimed at improving problem solving skills and maths) in Trevor Manuel Primary in Phizantekraal.
• Hosting a Dignity Project for the ladies of Bloekombos, in conjunction with a local church.  

spreadin' the love

what are you up to & how can we help?

More than ever, we're amped about the power of a small team joining muscle, mind and money to make a huge impact – and we love launching other groups to get going in doing their (unique) thing! So, if you're feeling stirred to get on with your own mission, but need some love to get you started – here's an invite: How about hooking up with us for a couple of chats around the dinner table? We'd love to journey with you in sharing some of the foundational stuff we've learnt along the way:

ditch the comfort zone 

What would it mean for you to become an intentional community of like-hearted friends? How do you turn those dop&tjop-braaivleis-chats into conversations that could change your world – like, 'what if we opened up a joint bank account to start doing meaningful stuff together...?' Here's to getting excited and committed about thinking, talking, dreaming and living differently!

pinpoint your purpose 

Our *Discover your Purpose-seminar is geared at helping you find what your adventure looks like. How do you find your sweet spot? What's the power of your team's unique mix of personalities/strengths/callings? Discover your place of impact and influence, and get to know where you're called to build bridges and kick start change.
*Contact us to get the latest date.

craft your own culture

What would it look like for you as a group to embark on a radical journey of practicing counter-cultural values like generosity, transparency and accountability? Learn how to create a common, awesome culture of selfless serving and purposeful living.

launch, baby, launch

How to get started with your mission, practically speaking. From finding that first, small doable like getting your buddies over for pizza and a first purposeful chat, to getting the paperwork of a NGO done and dusted. Find ways to make the adventure as simple and sustainable as possible.

go spread the love

Now that you've got your mission going, get others to join the party. How to form partnerships and multiply what you're doing.

want to help us make a difference?

Jip, we're interested in getting some of your money to boost our impact (of course we are!) but we're thinking way bigger than financial support – we'd also love to talk about wise ways we can help you invest and steward your time, talents, networks and experience in making a difference wherever you are planted.
4Hope is a registered NPO and can issue tax certificates - ah, the joy of getting some of your bucks back! (Which of course means you’ve got even more to invest next time round...) 100% of donations we receive are used to impact lives - since we manage it all ourselves, we have zilch admin fees.
Banking details:
4Hope, Investec Bank Limited, 100 Grayston Drive 580105, account number: 10012225785

Cash and cheque deposits at any Absa branch (account number is 01043960306 and reference number is 10012225785)

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